What is a CRM?

“CRM” stands for “Customer Relationship Management”. CRM systems are used by businesses of all sizes to enhance productivity, manage and close leads more effectively and better provide for their customers.

Why Zenlike?

Zenlike was designed by the very people who use it, starting its life as a simple to use tool for generating invoices it quickly grew into a complete CRM system with extra features to help with day to day business management.

The goal of the system is to make your business life easier, which means not requiring you to spend the next few weeks learning to use a new complicated software package. If you can’t use the system straight out the box with no training then we’ve done something wrong. Simplicity is more than just a simple to use system, its about no hidden costs, catches or confusion.

We have no contracts - if its not for you or you no longer need it, cancel when you are ready, and don’t worry you can still access your data.

We want our system to grow with you - this means no limitations on how many records you can keep and no per user additional cost.

We want to help you enjoy your business - take the stress out of office days by having reports automatically generated for you and know exactly what’s in your inventory when you need to reorder.


Zenlike is ever-expanding to support the growing needs of those who use it, and currently supports the following feature set:

Accounts & Contacts
Automated Quote/Invoice generation
Complete CSV Data download of your data
Customer friendly display
Daily backups
Email Integration
Email templates
Financial and inventory reports
Full customisation of style branding
Inventory tracking
Invoice payment tracking
Account/Client tagging
Lead management and live conversion tracking
Live quote to invoice conversion tracking
Mobile Access
Multi user Calendar
Multiple VAT rate support
Overview Dashboard
Printed media template
Product management
Unlimited records
Unlimited user accounts
User account permissions
User activity tracking
Calendar syncing
Tasks and events
Customisable view types


We dont charge based on users or features; We simply offer one premier package, all inclusive.

Our system is designed to grow with you and your business, as you expand and employ more staff, simply add them to the system at no extra cost.

We also dont limit you on the number of records you can keep, the features you can access or prevent you from using your data in other applications.

Its simple and all in one package with no hidden surprises!

Zenlike CRM
$60 per month
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited Records
  • Accounts & Contacts
  • Quotes & Invoice Generation
  • Mobile Access
  • Daily backups
  • And much more !

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